A new festival for Tohoku colored by ART x MUSIC x FOOD

The Reborn-Art Festival is a new type of festival where people could enjoy “ART”, “MUSIC”, and “FOOD”.
Artworks created by renowned artists from around the world in collaboration with local people will be exhibited in the Ishinomaki and Oshika areas, along with live music performances being held that would give a new twist to your concept of music festivals. In addition to these, people would be able to savor dishes prepared by top chefs of Japan and food specialists of Tohoku.

It is now in Tohoku that is hustling to become reborn where you could encounter values and people you would never meet elsewhere.
You would even encounter with a new self you never knew before.
“Reborn” is a festival that aims not only to regenerate Tohoku, but also hope that you yourself would be “Reborn”.

Title Reborn-Art Festival 2017
Date July 22nd (Sat) – September 10th (Sun)
Duration 51 days
Venue Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture (Oshika Peninsula, central area of Ishinomaki City), Matsushima Bay (Shiogama City, Higashimatsushima City, Matsushima), Onagawa Town
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Host Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee/ ap bank
Co-host Miyagi Prefecture, Ishinomaki City, Shiogama City, Higashimatsushima City, Matsushima Town, Onagawa Town, Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co., JR East-Sendai, Yahoo Japan Corporation
Special Cooperation Nippon Paper Group
Sponsor Kirin Company, Limited /
Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. /
Toyota Motor Corporation /
tanico corporation /
Bose /
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. /
Innosho Forestry Co., Ltd. /
New Constructor’s Network Co., Ltd. /
Hitachi Systems, Ltd. /
Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc /
Cooperation Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. /
Development Bank of Japan
Presented under the auspices of British Council / German Embassy / Embassy of France, The French Institute in Japan / Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Sendai Television Incorporated / Miyagi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Higashinippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Sendai FM BROADCASTING, INC. / J-WAVE, Inc. / InterFM897 CO., LTD.

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2017

Executive Committee
Honorary Chairperson Yoshihiro Murai (Miyagi Prefecture Governor)
Chairperson Hiroshi Kameyama (Mayor of Ishinomaki)
Takeshi Kobayashi (Managing Director of ap bank)
Advisor Akira Sato (Mayor of Shiogama)
Iwao Atsumi (Mayor of Higashi Matsushima)
Koichi Sakurai (Mayor of Matsushima)
Yoshiaki Suda (Mayor of Onagawa)
Furamu Kitagawa (Chairman of Art Front Gallery Co., Ltd.)
Committee Toru Asano (Ishinomaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman)
Masahiko Ichiriki (Managing Director, Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co.)
Mitsuo Ueno (Division Manager, Nippon Paper Group, Ishinomaki Factory)
Mamoru Oike (President, Ishinomaki Senshu University)
Hisanori Oba (Director, Miyagi Association of Artists)
Munenori Goto (Chairman, Ishinomaki Kanko Kyokai)
Masatoshi Saijo (Chairman, Ishinomaki Bunka Kyokai)
Tomiji Saito (Chairman, Ayukawa Machidukuri Kyogikai)
Toshihiko Sato (CEO, GIP)
Taichi Sugiura (CEO & Founder of CINRA, Inc.)
Kazuo Tanno (Chairman, JF Miyagi)
Takeo Nakanishi (CEO, Disk Garage CO., Ltd)
Kichitaro Negishi (President, Tohoku University of Art And Design)
Shigeru Matsuki (Executive Officer, Sendai Branch Manager, East Japan Railway Company)
Manabu Miyasaka (CEO and Operating Officer, Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Kenichi Miyahara (The Culture Foundation of Miyagi)
Hiroshi Yanai (Representative Director, Team Smile)
Secretariat Reborn-Art Festival
Secretary General Gota Matsumura (Representative Director, ISHINOMAKI2.0)
Deputy Secretary General Keisuke Era (ap bank)
Production Committee
Chairperson Takeshi Kobayashi (Musician / Managing Director of ap bank)
Committee Shinichi Nakazawa (Philosopher, Anthropologist/ Head of Institut pour la Science Sauvage of Meiji University)
Etsuko Watari (Independent Curator / Director of WATARI-UM)
Koichi Watari (Independent Curator / CEO of WATARI-UM)
Shunji Iwai (Film Director/ CEO of Rockwell Eyes Inc.)
Keisuke Era (ap bank)