We proudly announce the Reborn-Art Festival is to be held in summer 2017 after the 5 years’ absence of the ap bank fes. The pre-event “Reborn-Art Festival x ap bank fes 2016” would be held beforehand in summer 2016. This interview reveals the thoughts they have put into a new form of outdoor event where the mixture of art, food, music, traditional art, etc. coexists.

“Creating a place where you can encounter with various people’s expressions and thoughts”

Sakurai:I only know little about the present state of the disastered areas, but it seems like the infrastructure is getting pretty organized in some parts. But still, there are places where reconstruction is necessary and also many people are still living in temporary housings.

Kobayashi:That’s true. There’s still many places where reconstruction has to be set forward.

Sakurai:The first places I went to may have been the places seen on TV often. Those were places like Hiyoriyama and areas classified as hazardous, or places approved to be used as industrial land but not residency, and also the Rose Factory Garden in Ogatsu. I also had the chance to talk with the director of the ward of Namiita at the community center, and he was a very humble and modest person appreciating every single person who took part in volunteering. He’s preparing various things so he can welcome those people any time they come back. It was very impressive hearing him say that if they do actually revisit the place, he wanted to show them how “beautiful this place has become” and to thank them. I think that if I were in the same position -living in a disastered area and being given hand by people- I would also feel uncomfortable without being able return my thoughts. I wouldn’t want to just end the relation as a supporter and person being supported, but try to make others happy and pay forward. So I hope the art festival would be a place like that.

Kobayashi:I totally agree. There’s a place called “Ubsuna no Ie” within the “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale” held in Niigata pref. where I visited in 2011. There the nannies prepare meals as to make revival of dishes cooked there from the old days. But in their daily life, they actually used to use MSG before. When they talked with the people of the art festival, they discussed that they should show their “omotenashi=hospitalty” to the visitors, and that led to the nannies to try and make effort. And that made them pleasant, and eventually came to understand each other. So I felt that telling the locals that they “can just be the way they are” would maybe build a border between the locals and visitors. But if you heartedly try your best to do something for people who come to visit, or anything like this would create various things as an alternative to “something that’s been disconnected”.

Sakurai:The nannies were really energetic at the “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale”.

Kobayashi:They really were. The “ART” thrown in there would become something that would reflect on the life and world, etc. by using imagination. The reason why I came up with an event based on an art festival is, well if it’s a music festival it ends in just 2 or 3 days. If you make it an art festival, you could keep it running for 40 or 50 days and on, and even be able to see permanent works regardless of the festival duration, and having the facilities be used would create various cycles in the region for a long time. I’m hoping to do something like the ap bank fes again in coming years during that long period, whether it be reduced in scale. It wouldn’t be held every year; once in 2 or 3 years, for the time necessary for work and facility production. I personally think that it would be appropriate for the ap bank fes to pass the baton in that kind of sense.