Reborn-Art= “The Art of Living”

The word “Art” derives from the Latin “Ars”, which is defined the art of living. Since the disaster we have strongly recognized that the true “art of living” is disappearing. We feel that what is essential right now is to bring back this “art of living” and have titled what we aim for as Reborn-Art. We hope to discover/rediscover Reborn-Art in various fields by perceiving food, living and ecology as; the “skill of life”, art, music and design as; “skill of art, and tradition and life of region as; “skill of wisdom.” At the main site of this festival located in the Oshika Peninsula remains an abundant nature without arrangement by people. Here lies the scar brought by the tsunami and the daily lives of people, the rich sea, mountain and forest, and in its center would appear the festival of Reborn-Art. The energy to put forward the region in its true meaning would be born when people who visit this land will create the festival together with the local people, artists, and staff.