Oginohama Area

A white shell beach is the site of Kohei Nawa’s work White Deer (Oshika) and the Reborn-Art Dining event. Find the beach after walking past the oyster beds and going down a narrow lane. Oshika Village, along the prefectural road where the Hama-Saisai eatery is also located, is a key area in the campaign to generate new economic opportunities and various positive cycles of growth with the local populace.


Primal Energy

Kohei Nawa

As you walk along a seaside mountain path from the fishing port,
you will come to a beach turned white with a coating of shell fragments,
where the sculpture White Deer (Oshika) stands on a low hill.
There is a cave nearby, said to have been hurriedly dug
by Japanese forces to store torpedoes during World War II,
and in the depths of its darkness you can see fragments of continuously burning red “flame”
and glowing blue “sea.” Further along the beach,
an old tree protrudes diagonally from a mass of driftwood,
and on the tip stand large mushrooms, fluttering in the wind,
cultivated by wrapping mycelia (networks of fungal filaments) around its trunk.
The archetypal images dating back to ancient times blend with the bleakly beautiful landscape,
creating a site brimming with primal energy.


Kohei Nawa

Born in 1975. Artist, Director of SANDWICH Inc., Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Currently based in Kyoto. He graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 1998 with a Ph.D. in Fine Art Sculpture in 2003. He establishes “SANDWICH”, a creative platform for production in 2009. He explores the potentiality of sculpture, working with beads, polyurethane foam, silicone oil, and a wide range of other technologies and materials, through his original concept “PixCell”. Nawa's recent projects extend this exploration to architecture and performance, to create both space and art.


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