Ishinomaki Food Adventure

The event’s food directors, Jerome Waag and Shinichiro Harakawa, champion the concept,
“Before We Cook – The Nature of Food.”
The event begins with a tour of food and nature in Ishimaki’s Ojika Peninsula.
In this food adventure, participants will open up their senses
and use their bodies to discover and learn new things.
At the Reborn-Art DINING restaurant in the Oginohama area, participants will
then join forces with a guest chef, (who will also take part in the tour)
to express their experiences on the plate. Participants can enjoy fresh cooking to the fullest.
The results will then be displayed in a food museum, housed in a classroom at
the former Oginohama Elementary School, located in the Momonoura area.
Other events are also planned for the school playground.

Food Director

Jérôme Waag
Jérôme Waag

Born in Paris. Former head chef and artist at the restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. In 2016, Waag moved to Tokyo to open the Blind Donkey, which opened its doors in 2017 in Kanda.

Shinichiro Harakawa
Shinichiro Harakawa

After working as a chef at La Madeleine (France, then with two Michelin stars) and Uguisu (Sangenjaya, Tokyo), Harakawa opened Beard in Meguro in 2012 (closed in August 2017). Alongside various activities such as the Nomadic Kitchen, he has done regular internships at Chez Panisse in Berkeley California, and in 2017 opened the Blind Donkey in Kanda with Jérôme Waag.