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One by One Plus

~from the 10th year frame~

Supported by Kinoshita Group

While we are always conscious of “being perfectly prepared to prevent coronavirus disease under the circumstances,” people of Miyagi Prefecture and Ishinomaki city are sending us truly positive feelings and support for holding Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22. It is true at the same time that we are still concerned about the ongoing spread of the new coronavirus.

Concerning the present situation, we make sure to take thorough measures to prevent the spread of the virus and start the Reborn-Art Festival from August 11.

With that in mind, we would like to inform you of the music live performance to be held on August 29.

This year is the 3rd anniversary of the Reborn-Art Festival which is a festival for art, music and food, and it has created the place for expressions. Initially, art and food are not meant to gather many people in one place. What we are concerned about regarding this music event is that we should restrain the flow of people under the present corona crisis.

In such a situation, we participated in the music program as Bank Band on March 11 this year. In the opening program, we, Kazutoshi Sakurai x Takeshi Kobayashi, performed Mr. Children’s “Hana no Nioi.” The feeling of having fulfilled our role of extending a spiritual, stoic and pure expression in a simple form motivated us to plan the live performance this time.

Thinking about continuing the activities as ap bank, I felt like deepening the feeling I got from “Hana no Nioi” and creating the space and time of music in the expression of a dignified yet tense atmosphere in a free style that is possible only in a simple composition.

To commemorate the restoration from the Great Earthquake, Makiart Terrace Large Hall, a wonderful hall, opened this year. I went to see the hall and when I was looking at the stage from the audience seat, I imagined the days of the last 10 years since the earthquake in the framework and had a truly rich image of connecting music through various encounters.

“One by One Plus ~from the 10th year frame~”

As guests, we welcome cellist Udai Shika and violinist Shoko Oki from Bank Band and Salyu who is essential in ap bank.
On August 28, one day before the live performance, a food symposium takes place in the same hall and I and Salyu will perform a little there.

For the live performance on August 29, the number of the audience is limited to the half of the capacity of the hall, that is about 600. We are planning live streaming in order to deliver it to many people.

We are having wonderful staff for shooting live images and we would like you to also experience it.

Takeshi Kobayashi
July 17, 2021

Kazutoshi Sakurai
 Takeshi Kobayashi

Udai Shika 

Shoko Oki
August 29, 2021 (Sunday)

Open: 16:00
Performance start: 17:00
Large Hall,
Ishinomaki City Arts Center in Maruhon MakiArt Terrace


All seats reserved,
8,000 YEN

(In tax) *Electronic tickets only.

*You need to purchase Reborn-Art Passport besides the live performance ticket.

*Handling fee is charged on top of the ticket. Please see details on the ticket purchasing page.

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Ticket Pia

Advance drawing for the ticket
is accepted during
July 28 (Wed) 12:00 ~ August 4 (Wed) 23:59
Sales to the general customer
From August 14 (Sat) 10:00


Under the present circumstances, there is a possibility that restrictive conditions for holding the event may change. Following the guidance of the government, Miyagi Prefectural government and related organizations, we may change the condition/content of the event. We would like to ask for your understanding.

-We would like to ask you to download COCOA, COVID-19 contact-confirming application.

Outline of COCOA

*Things to note regarding COCOA and operational OS versions, please check the following URL.

-Tickets are necessary for those three years of age and older.

-There is no age limit for entering the live performance venue.

-The limit on the number of tickets sellable to a person is 4.

-Please note that videos and photographs of the festival venues including the audience might be opened to the public.

-All the tickets for this performance are issued as electronic tickets.

-It is necessary to have a smartphone in order to show the electronic ticket for this concert. For any reasons such as your phone is lost, stolen or forgotten and you do not have the phone with you, you cannot enter the performance venue.

-For both the person, who won the drawing for the tickets, and accompanying persons, it is necessary to bring smartphones with which they can show their individual e-tickets.

-If you purchase plural number of e-tickets for the same performance, please make sure to distribute the tickets among accompanying persons after you get the e-tickets. If the ticket is not given to a member of your party, he/she cannot enter.

*Please check how to distribute e-tickets at the following URL.

Also please understand that, for any reasons, the persons other than specified as your accompanying persons when purchasing the tickets cannot enter.

-Tickets are not reissued even if a smartphone is lost, stolen and so on.

-To enter for the performance, the same number of Reborn-Art Passport is necessary for the number of tickets for the live performance. At the entrance, please show both tickets to the staff. Without the Reborn-Art Passport, you cannot enter the performance venue.

-Those who have the Reborn-Art Passport exchange ticket, please make sure to exchange it with the paper Reborn-Art Passport at the specified information desk beforehand. (You cannot enter the venue with the exchange ticket.)

-For those who are junior high school students or younger and those who have the handicapped person’s passbook, Reborn-Art Passport is free. Make sure to get the paper Reborn-Art Passport at the specified information desk beforehand by showing your ID with age, student ID card or handicapped person’s passbook.

*In case you cannot follow the above rules and we refuse your entry, tickets are not refunded.


-Those who come by car
Free parking space at the venue is available.
There is a limit on the number of cars to be parked, so if you plan to come by car, please come with time to spare.
Please DO NOT park at neighboring facilities.

-Those who come by public transportation
The closest bus stop to the venue is “Sogo Undo Koen” on Ishinomaki Senshu University Line of Miyagi Kotsu Bus. (It is a 3-minute walk to the venue.)
After the performance, additional bus service is planned on the same line of Miyagi Kotsu Bus from Sogo Undo Koen Bus Stop to Ishinomaki-ekimae (station) Bus Stop. (fare: ¥250 one way) Since there is a limit on the number of people who can ride this bus, you might not be able to take the bus. We would like to ask for your understanding.

Look here for detail of access, please check the following URL.




Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee

Special sponsor

Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd.



This performance is held while measures against the spread of the new coronavirus are taken.
We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

This music event “One By One Plus” will be a live performance with half of the capacity of the hall, which is about 600.
We aim to have a safe and enjoyable music event as we take the visitors’ temperature and prevent contact with others as much as possible, observe social distance between people, thorough ventilation and disinfection, and keep records of information of the visitors.
We also conduct live streaming so that many people from distant places can enjoy the music.

At the Reborn-Art Festival, we make it a rule to conduct PCR tests on artists, staff and others when they come in from the area declared with COVID-19 state of emergency and semi-state of emergency.

We would like to ask those who visit the event to read the guideline stated below. There might be a change in the content as the circumstances change, so please check the latest information before you come.

For those who visit,
please read the following:

One cannot generalize what “nonessential and nonurgent” matters are, but we would like to ask those who come from COVID-19 state of emergency and semi-emergency areas to carefully consider the government’s guiding principle when deciding to come or not.

●We would like to ask those who come from COVID-19 state of emergency and semi-emergency areas to take PCR tests or antigen examination tests.

<When you visit>

●Those who apply in the following conditions are not accepted at the venue.

□Those with symptoms such as fever 37.5℃ and over, coughing, sore throat, diarrhea, taste disorder, smell disorder, etc. and who are feeling sick

□Those who were tested positive for COVID-19 and instructed to stay at home (if you have not been accredited with “medical treatment completion” by a public health center after you were tested positive and went under observation)

□Those, within 14 days prior to the performance, who visited country or area designated as entry restricted or necessary to have a period of observation by the government, or possibly had close contact with person who stayed in such country/area

□Those, within 14 days prior to the performance, who were confirmed as being in close contact with an infected person by a public health center

□Those, within 14 days prior to the performance, who have a history of acting in a manner that can be considered as being in close contact with an infected person (having communication without a mask, within 1 meter in more than 15 minutes) although a public health center has not tracked you

□Those, within 14 days prior to the performance, who had a COVID-19 infected or possibly infected person at home or at office

●Moreover, we would like to ask for your cooperation regarding the guideline for measures against COVID-19 provided by the Reborn-Art Festival. The detailed guideline will be uploaded on our homepage later.

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Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22
Altruism and Fluidity

[ Period ]

August 11 (WED) - September 26 (SUN), 2021
*Closed on August 18 (WED), September 1 (WED), 15 (WED)

April 23 (SAT) - June 5 (SUN), 2022

[ Venue ]

Central Ishinomaki,
Oshika Peninsula
(Momonoura, Oginohama, Kozumi, Ayukawa),
Around Onagawa Station,
Miyagi Prefecture

Ishinomaki Area

[ Viewing Times ]

- Central Ishinomaki Area -
(final admission at 16:30)

- Other Area -
(final admission at 15:30)

Saturdays, Sundays,
public holidays and August 13-16
(final admission at 16:30)

*Hours may differ depending on the facility and work.

[ Organizers ]

Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee
ap bank

[ Co-organizers ]

Miyagi Prefecture /
Ishinomaki City /
Shiogama City /
Higashimatsushima City /
Matsushima Town /
Onagawa Town /
Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. /
JR East-Sendai

[ Grant ]

The Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan in the fiscal

[ Special sponsor ]

[ Sponsors ]

[ Supporters ]

Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /
Sendai Television Incorporated /
Miyagi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /

[ Special cooperation ]

Reborn-Art Festival Ishinomaki Executive Committee

[ Cooperation ]

Ishinomaki Senshu University

Information on this website is valid as of June 22, 2021.
Changes may occur due to the spread of COVID-19.
We would like to ask for your understanding beforehand.
For the latest information, please check this website.


Reborn-Art Festival は牡鹿半島の広大なエリアを会場とした屋外展示が中心の芸術祭であり、もともと密になりにくいニューノーマルのイベントとしてふさわしい可能性を持っていると考えます。

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  • 現金授受における
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会期中何度でも作品を鑑賞できる Reborn-Art PASSPORT