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Eventually, Deer Become Men /
Eventually, Men Become Deer

Nao Tsuda

Nao Tsuda

Eventually, Deer Become Men /
Eventually, Men Become Deer


While traveling to the Oshika Peninsula to create work for Reborn-Art Festival 2019, I started to follow the stories about deer. The work I exhibited, Eventually, Deer Become Men / Eventually, Men Become Deer comprised photographs of the silhouette of Kinkasan—an island where sacred deer live—as well as the horn markings left on the surface of trees along the animal trails and the deer horns offered to the forest.

For this year’s festival, as a follow-up to the previous work, I present photographs and text that I have woven together while traveling in Tohoku over the two years in an attempt to unravel the work title.


Nao Tsuda

Born in Kobe in 1976, Tsuda is a photographer who travels the world, gazing through the viewfinder and interpreting the various relationships between people and nature that have continued ceaselessly since ancient times. To reveal a world that hints at many accumulated layers of culture, Tsuda turns his attention to the invisible element of time. Since 2001, he has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Japan and overseas. His major photo books include Kogi (Monde Books), which follows the trail of a boat that disappeared in the northern area of Lake Biwa; SMOKE LINE, for which he traveled through Morocco, Mongolia, and China and took photographs on the theme of windstreams; and Storm Last Night, for which he visited ancient ruins on small islands off the coast of Ireland (both published by AKAAKA Art Publishing). Fieldwork-based photo books include the trilogy of SAMELAND, depicting the culture of the Same people in the Arctic, NAGA depicting the festivals of ethnic minorities in northern Myanmar, and IHEYA・IZENA, showing scenes of faith rooted in the land on remote islands of Okinawa (all published by limArt). His latest book, Elnias Forest (handpicked) focuses on vestiges of ancient animistic faith in Lithuania.


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