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“Reborn-Art Tour” to view the artworks efficiently by taking the bus

Besides two tour courses to visit the Oshika Peninsula, there is an overnight premium tour including the visit to Onagawa and the experience-based program.

There are two tour courses: one is to visit part of the Central Ishinomaki and the Oshika Peninsula to see new works, and the other is to mainly visit the Oshika Peninsula and go further to Ayukawa. There is also a premium tour, which is a two-day night-over tour visiting Onagawa in addition and participating in the experience-based program. For each tour, participants gather in front of the Ishinomaki Station in the morning and have a guided bus tour to view the artworks efficiently.


【 Course A 】

In front of Ishinomaki Station (gather by 9:30) → Central Ishinomaki (part of it) → Momonoura → Oginohama → Kozumi → Around ​​Former Tsuru no Yu in Central Ishinomaki (breakup at 15:45)

Leaving Ishinomaki Station, you can see the works in Central Ishinomaki (Plena Miyagi ice skate rink and Hiyoriyama Park) by bus which covers the long distance. On the Oshika Peninsula, you visit the area for new works. After the tour back in the Central Ishinomaki, you can freely view the works in the area. The tour will cover about 20 works.

Planned tour dates

August 11 (Wed.), 12 (Thu.), 13 (Fri.), 14 (Sat.), 15 (Sun.), 16 (Mon.), 21 (Sat.), 22 (Sun.), 23 (Mon.), 28 (Sat.), 29 (Sun.), 30 (Mon.), September 4 (Sat.), 5 (Sun.), 11 (Sat.), 12 (Sun.), 18 (Sat.), 19 (Sun.), 20 (Mon.), 23 (Thu., national holiday), 24 (Fri.), 25 (Sat.), 26 (Sun.)

Fee: 12,500 YEN (In tax)
*including take-out lunch at Momonoura Village (Reborn-Art DINING's menu)

Minimum number of participants: 10



【 Course B 】

In front of Ishinomaki Station (gather by 9:30) → Momonoura → Oginohama → Kozumi → Ayukawa → Ishinomaki Station (breakup at 17:00)

Right after you get together in front of the Ishinomaki Station, you get on the bus to go to the Oshika Peninsula. You will go as far as Ayukawa, and on the way back, you visit the Plena Miyagi ice skate rink in Central Ishinomaki. The tour will cover about 14 works.

Planned tour dates

August 11 (Wed.), 12 (Thu.), 13 (Fri.), 14 (Sat.), 15 (Sun.), 21 (Sat.), 22 (Sun.), 28 (Sat.), 29 (Sun.), September 4 (Sat.), 5 (Sun.), 11 (Sat.), 12 (Sun.), 18 (Sat.), 19 (Sun.), 20 (Mon.), 23 (Thu., national holiday), 24 (Fri.), 25 (Sat.), 26 (Sun.)

Fee: 14,100 YEN (In tax)
*including take-out lunch at Momonoura Village (Reborn-Art DINING's menu)

Minimum number of participants: 10


【 Course P 】

In front of Ishinomaki Station (gather by 9:30) → Central Ishinomaki → Momonoura → Oginohama → Kozumi → Momonoura (stay and take part in the experience-based program) → Ayukawa → Onagawa → Ishinomaki Station (breakup at 14:30)

After freely viewing the works in Central Ishinomaki, you go by bus via Plena Miyagi ice skate rink and go around the Peninsula and stay in Momonoura. You can enjoy BBQ with a variety of seafood. In the next morning, you start out with the experience program* and visit Ayukawa, Onagawa, and Hiyoriyama Park in Central Ishinomaki. During the tours that take place on August 14-15 and September 25-26, participants will have a special program at FERMENTO (venison processing factory at Kozumi) and have a venison dish. This tour covers all the works.
*Cruise down to view the work White Deer (Oshika) from the sea + fishing experience.

BBQ Dinner in Momonoura Village

Planned tour dates
August 21 (Sat.) - 22 (Sun.), 28 (Sat.) - 29 (Sun.), September 4 (Sat.) - 5 (Sun.), 11 (Sat.) - 12 (Sun.), 18 (Sat.) - 19 (Sun.)

Fee: 41,300 YEN (In tax)

Minimum number of participants: 8

Dinner in FERMENTO

Planned tour dates: August 14 (Sat.) - 15 (Sun.), September 25 (Sat.) - 26 (Sun.)
Fee: 43,700 YEN (In tax)

Minimum number of participants: 8

It is possible to make a day trip from Tokyo to participate in Course A or Course B. If you stay overnight either in Central Ishinomaki or in Onagawa the day before or the day after, you can take your time in viewing the works in Onagawa.


【 Day 1 】
6:32 Leave Tokyo → 8:03 Arrive at Sendai station / 8:23 Depart from Sendai station → 9:21 Arrive at Ishinomaki → participate in Course A or B → stay in Ishinomaki

【 Day 2 】
10:00~ View works in Ccentral Ishinomaki → 12:23 Depart from Ishinomaki station → 12:49 Arrive at Onagawa station → 14:55 Depart from Onagawa station → 16:51 Arrive at Sendai station / 17:22 Depart from Sendai station → 18:56 Arrive at Tokyo station

【 Please note 】

*We accept reservations until 3 days prior to the tour (The tour is run when the minimum number of participants is reached. Whether the tour is held or not depends on the number of reservations made 5 days prior to the tour).

*Please confirm this travel requirements before you make a reservation.

*After the tour contract is made, if you should cancel the tour for a reason on your part, we charge you the cancellation fee based on the following ratio of the tour fee.

-up to 6 days prior to the date of travel: none
-from 5 days prior to 3 days prior: 25%
-from 2 days prior to the day before: 50%
-on the day: 100%

*You can freely see the works in each area.

*The Passport to see the works is necessary to join the tour.

*Please let us know beforehand if you are allergic to any food.

*Please check the Reborn-Art Festival guideline for our preventative measures for COVID-19.


Tour planning, operation and sales: wondertrunk & co.
Travel Agency authorized by Governor of Tokyo, No. 2, license number: 07767
20-13 Jingumae 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Administration: North Japan Tours, Reborn-Art Festival Association.


Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22
Altruism and Fluidity

[ Period ]

August 11 (WED) - September 26 (SUN), 2021
*Closed on August 18 (WED), September 1 (WED), 15 (WED)

April 23 (SAT) - June 5 (SUN), 2022

[ Venue ]

Central Ishinomaki,
Oshika Peninsula
(Momonoura, Oginohama, Kozumi, Ayukawa),
Around Onagawa Station,
Miyagi Prefecture

Ishinomaki Area

[ Viewing Times ]

- Central Ishinomaki Area -
(final admission at 16:30)

- Other Area -
(final admission at 15:30)

Saturdays, Sundays,
public holidays and August 13-16
(final admission at 16:30)

*Hours may differ depending on the facility and work.

[ Organizers ]

Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee
ap bank

[ Co-organizers ]

Miyagi Prefecture /
Ishinomaki City /
Shiogama City /
Higashimatsushima City /
Matsushima Town /
Onagawa Town /
Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. /
JR East-Sendai

[ Grant ]

The Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan in the fiscal

[ Special sponsor ]

[ Sponsors ]


[ Supporters ]

Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /
Sendai Television Incorporated /
Miyagi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /

[ Special cooperation ]

Reborn-Art Festival Ishinomaki Executive Committee

[ Cooperation ]

Ishinomaki Senshu University

Information on this website is valid as of June 22, 2021.
Changes may occur due to the spread of COVID-19.
We would like to ask for your understanding beforehand.
For the latest information, please check this website.


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