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Altruism and Fluidity [ Second Term ]  August 20 (SAT) – October 2 (SUN), 2022    *Closed on August 24 (WED), September 7 (WED), 14 (WED)

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Tetsuya Umeda

Central Ishinomaki Area

Photo by Shinryo Saeki

Umeda produces installations that are inspired by and incorporate existing elements found in the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space including its architectural structure. In addition to exhibitions in museums and art institutions, he has produced numerous site-specific works based on the context of both urban spaces and natural environment. Performance works are presented in Japan and abroad, such as tours inviting the audience to unfamiliar places, stage works focusing on functions found in theaters and chorus projects without center point. He is also globally renowned as a leading artist in the field of sound art. Recently he has presented performance works such as “Composite: Variations / Circle” (Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2017, Brussels, Belgium), “INTERNSHIP” (Asia Cultural Center, Gwangju, South Korea, 2016 / TPAM 2018, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, Yokohama, Japan), and has taken part in numerous international exhibitions including Saitama Triennale2020 and Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival (Taichung, 2018). His recent solo exhibitions are “UMEDA Tetsuya in BEPPU 0 Tai” (Oita, Japan, 2020-2021) “On the origin of voices” (Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan, 2019-2020) and “See, Look at Observed what Watching is” (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, USA, 2016). 2022 Saison Fellowship.

Artwork Number :
Title :

Rollin' Rock Roll

Year of Production :
Tetsuya Umeda
Rollin’ Rock Roll, 2022

Using everyday items and elemental materials to create “phenomena” that generate sounds and movements never seen or heard before, Tetsuya Umeda makes live installations that engage with places and viewers. This work is an audiovisual installation that utilizes the cycle of water flowing against gravity. “The sound derived from the cycle is the voice of the land. As the glass ball in the middle is a prequel to the work eye of the needle, which was exhibited at Reborn-Art Festival 2019, the timeline is reversed—as is gravity.” (Tetsuya Umeda)
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Reference Image

  • Tetsuya Umeda
    eye of the needle
    Reborn-Art Festival 2019
    Photo by Takehiro Goto

  • Tetsuya Umeda
    Floor O
    Saitama Triennale 2020
    Photo by Ryuichi Maruo



Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22
Second Term
Altruism and Fluidity

[ Period ]

August 20 (SAT) – October 2 (SUN), 2022
*Closed on August 24 (WED),
September 7 (WED), 14 (WED)

[ Venue ]

Ishinomaki City
(Central Ishinomaki,
Memorial Park area, Watanoha),

Oshika Peninsula
(Momonoura-Oginohama, Ayukawa)

in Miyagi Prefecture

[ Viewing Times ]

Ishinomaki City area
10:00 - 17:00 (final admission at 16:30)

Oshika Peninsula area

10:00 - 16:00
(final admission at 15:30)

Saturdays, Sundays,
Public holidays
10:00 - 17:00
(final admission at 16:30)

*Hours may differ depending on the facility and work.

[ Organizers ]

Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee
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Miyagi Prefecture /
Ishinomaki City /
Shiogama City /
Higashimatsushima City /
Matsushima Town /
Onagawa Town /
Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. /
JR East-Sendai

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The Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan in the fiscal

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